In the wild game Voßwinkel woods you will find a 12 km long network of hiking trails where you can hike for hours. Small paths regularly branch off the two main routes. At the forest stations, you can delve deeper into certain topics or watch wild boars, red deer, fallow deer and mouflon deer from the viewing platforms.

The wild game Vosswinkel wood opens up the core of the Lüer wood. This is an approximately 50 km ² wooded area in central North Rhine-Westphalia located between Menden, Arnsberg and Wickede. In its boundary areas lie the villages of Voßwinkel, Bachum, Holzen, Oesbern, Wimbern and Echthausen. Half an hour away from the cities of the eastern Ruhr area at one of the most important settlement lines and area levels along the highway and the hairline begins the wooded, hilly landscape of the northern Sauerland. Here the North German lowlands meets the German central mountain range. In comparison with other areas of the Sauerland, the area is only slightly humid and as a result of its low altitude (250 m above sea level) and the Ruhr Valley beingopen to the west, relatively warm. In the Lüer wood the counties of Hochsauerland, Märkisch district and Soest are located alongside each other. In 2008 the merger of the three municipalities Arnsberg Menden and Wickede resulted from the ILEK process (Integrated Rural Development Concept). The WAM-region is committed to supporting interaction and networking between the communities.

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